• Blocked Drain Solutions
  • Septic Tank / Cesspool Removal and Cleaning.
  • Culvert Cleaning.
  • Gully Cleaning.
  • Grease Traps Cleaning .
  • Interceptor Cleaning.
  • Jetting Services.
  • Motorway Drain Cleaning and Maintenance.
  • Liquid Waste Removals.

Leakmasters only works with the latest technology & equipment using high pressure hydro jetting. We unblock drains of all sizes, including Toilets, Baths & Basins, Showers, Kitchen Sinks, Sewerage Drains, Storm Water Drains & more... We use Low & High Pressure Water Jet Machines  ´╗┐Combination jet / vacuum units & CCTV Cameras

CCTV Drain Inspection

We insert cameras into drains to identify the cause of recurring blockages. 95% of domestic inspections are completed in 1 hour. He will stop at the end of the first hour and advise you if additional time is required. We also apply pipe location techniques to locate pipe routes and pin point defective areas. We supply a report with colour pictures and a DVD of the survey.

Pipe Location

Electromagnetic location is one of the most cost effective and accurate location techniques. A signal generator is used to create a signal on the pipe or cable which can then be located and pinpointed with a locator receiver. Provided the piping is metal, we will be able to locate a pipe underground.


Leak detection.

Experiencing a high water bill and there are no visible signs of water, or if you need to identify the source and cause of a leak, we detect those leaks that are concealed or not visible to the naked eye.

We conduct Acoustic, Gas Tracer, Thermal Imaging, Moisture Testing and Seepage Testing to localize concealed leaks. We also apply pipe location techniques to locate pipe routes. 
95% of domestic leaks are found in the first hour. Gas is only used on difficult leaks. My Technician stops at the end of the first hour and advises you if additional time is required. We supply a report of the cause and a method and quote to repair.

Drain Cleaning.

Water Jetting.

Leak Masters has a range of High & Ultra High pressure water jetting equipment. We utilise a large range of specialist equipment to carry out the cleaning of industrial and domestic drains, sewers and storm water lines. Our experienced operators ensure that your drains are kept clean and in working order. We also use portable equipment that fits into small spaces and can be transported in lifts etc.

Sewer and Storm Water Blockages.

We unblock all drains including Toilets, Baths & Basins, Showers, Kitchen Sinks, Sewerage Drains and Storm Water Drains.



  • Solids being flushed down toilets.
  • Buildup of fat, oil and grease from sinks.
  • Cement, sand and foreign elements trapped within lines (especially        common in property development).
  • Tree roots growing and interfering with the drainage system.
  • Solids and other foreign elements being disposed of in sinks,   baths, showers and basins.
  • Leaves, pebbles and other foreign elements getting stuck in exterior pipes.

Every household, building or complex has at some stage experienced a blockage. Whether the water in your toilet, basin, shower, kitchen sink, exterior property drains, and sewerage or storm water line has not drained as anticipated, we can assist! We are leaders in the cleaning of domestic and industrial drains and we clear blocked drains of all sizes. We undo blockages with High Pressure Jet Cleaning, Rooter machines, Water Rams and Pan Augers. 95% of domestic blockages are cleared within an hour. Additional time is generally required when large amounts of fat and sand are present or the pipe is broken or collapsed. Our technician will also advise if a Camera is required.