Water Saving Tips

Save Electricity:

  • Switch off the electricity supply to the geyser for 22 hours a day. 100 Litres of water will be hot for showering within 1hour and very hot after 2hrs.

Saving Water

  • Repair leaking taps by replacing washers.
  • Close taps whilst cleaning teeth and washing your face.
  • A shower uses 7 to 25 litres per minute.
  • Loo flush uses 11 to 27 litres of water. Placing an object below the cistern water level will conserve an equal amount of water.
  • Bathing in a deep bath can take 135 litres. 90 litres can be saved by taking a shallow bath.
  • Laundry washing machine should be loaded with a full load each time it is operated. For a part load, some machines can be set for this. It means half the electricity and water can be saved.

Outdoor Cleaning and saving:

  • Gardening uses vast amounts of water and major savings can result from careful management.
  • Automatic sprinkler systems can deliver 3 times the water used in the household. Great care should be taken to monitor the system.
  • Don’t OVER WATER the garden, watering is not required after a good rain.
  • Auto sprinklers don't know about recent rain so switch them off.
  • Storing roof water in tanks will save water and money.
  • Swimming Pool covers will reduce evaporation of water as well as save on chemical additives to the pool.
  • Monitor “topping up” of pools, leakage from underground pool pipes will cause the level to drop.
  • Sweep down the driveway rather than hose it down.
  • Wash cars on the lawn, use a water container not a hosepipe.
  • Teach children about water conservation.
  • Monitor your water meter regularly and compare daily consumption averages.
  • By noting your monthly consumption, if you notice an escalating increase, it would be a clear indication of a burst pipe.